Well, it’s taken a while to get round to this, but we’ve put a basic site together (finally!). Hoping to get album reviews, future gig info, band news and anything else we think might be worth a look on here in the months (and hopefully years!) to come, and as the site expands we’ll add more stuff  as and when we can.

There’s probably no better time to do a little introduction, so if you’re interested: We’re the Mersey Celt Punks, a mad drunken idea set up by two mates from Birkenhead (just a ferry hop over the river from Liverpool) to get a Merseyside gig/drinking/football collective going for all manner of reprobates, inspired by the brilliant blog/social media phenomenon that is London Celtic Punks. Hopefully we can be the Northern comrades for the boys in the “Big Smoke”, and together further promote the brilliant Celtic Punk scene going on at the moment. It’s early days on here so far, so in the meantime while we get this sorted, give us a like on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MerseyCeltPunks/), a follow on Twitter (https://twitter.com/MerseyCeltPunks), and some love if you like what we’re doing! Here’s to the future!



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