MCP0001 In for a Penny – One more last Hurrah!


One more last hurrah! Where do I start? Prepare to be excited as you are about to have a new favourite band in the form of In For A Penny!

Hailing for Georgia, USA, these guys have got celtic punk rock down to an art from the first to the last note. In For A Penny are not your regular folk punk band that have nearly the same amount of band members as an orchestra but keep a strong folk sound with some exceptional mandolin led punk rock.

Mixing brutally honest lyrics original songs with Irish standards my favorite of which being the cover of “Back home in Derry” as it reminds me of an old guy that propped up a bar I used to work in he always went on about how much he thought I would love Christie Moore and after hearing this for the 100th time I finally found out he wasn’t wrong. Would have loved to play this version to him.

In For A Penny’s vocals have a rough and ready yet welcoming sound full of passion and ready to command an army of fans to sing every word. With an almost Oi! Punk style backing vocals that will getting you throwing you fist in the air every time you listen to One More Last Hurrah!

Given time (probably not much) I think In For A Penny will be spoke of in the same high regard as the likes of The Mahones, Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s. It’s a great start and I’m excited to see where it will lead. For now lets just enjoy another great band added securely to the celtic punk roster that is absolutely thriving in 2017.

  • Elliott Mersey Celt Punks


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