MCP0003 Templars of Doom – Bring me the head of John the Baptist

Bring me the head of John the Baptist is the first release from New York based band The Templars of Doom (formally Alternative Ulster).tod

This 5 piece celtic rock band combine old school in your face punk rock with very prominent lead bagpipes to give a really powerful raw sound. Think back to the first time you heard bagpipes in a punk band for me it was “For Boston” by the Dropkick Murphy’s. The bagpipes cuts through the sound and becomes almost hypnotizing. The Templars of Doom have the same hypnotizing qualities with heavy pounding drums gives an almost battle cry feeling to music in a full on audio assault. Imagine if you will Stiff Little Fingers with bagpipes, pretty good, right?

The title track of the album is probably my favourite track on the album as it sounds like a call to arms and will have you singing along from the first listen. (Link to a live version of it below)

Also the track “Eyes” is a particular stand out track as more of a ballad it is a break from raw punk sound but showcases the range that the band can produce and the can relax you just before kicking you in the face again.

The album as a whole is great. The more that you listen to it the more it grows on you and you start to think, New York is only a 10 hour flight away maybe I should just go see them live, I have never been there and if they have no plans to come to me then I am going to have to go to them. Check bank then hope they come to England instead.


Bring me the Head of John the Baptist I am sure is the start of great things for The Templars of Doom as they hone their sound. This abrasive celtic punk rock band need to be heard and enjoyed but based on the videos online the live show is where they really become a powerhouse that could hold their own with some of the giants of the genre.

  • Elliott Mersey Celt Punks

Buy the album here:

Bring me the head of John the Baptist video:

For fans of: Real McKenzies, Flatfoot 56, Stiff Little Fingers          


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