Folk Punk Album of the year 2017

What a year 2017 has been for folk punk it seems that almost everyone in the genre has brought out a new album from the heavyweight to the newcomer starting to make a name for themselves. It been an incredibly enjoyable but difficult task to try and work out the best of the best from this year.

When your favourite band of all time (Dropkick Murphy’s) puts out an album and you don’t think it makes your own top 10 albums of the year you realise how high the standard is for this year’s releases. Just incredible.

I have changed the order of the top 3 in every possible order over the past few weeks but there is but one top stop and I think that I am happy with my decision. (First world problems at there peak.)

This is completely my point of view and feel free to argue with it with me but I’m stubborn and probably won’t change my mind but I could have missed something wonderful due to tunnel vision that I have developed over the years.

So in reverse order is my top 10 folk punk albums of 2017.


10) The Scarlet – Hardfolk Shanties


9) In for a Penny – One more Last Hurrah


8) Flogging Molly – Life is Good


7) The O’Rielly’s and the Paddyhats – Sign of the fighter


6) Biblecode Sundays – Walk like Kings


5) The Tossers – Smash the Windows


4) The Peelers – Palace of the Fiend


3) Black Water County – Taking Chances


2) Matilda’s Scoundrels – As the Tide Turns


1) Flatfoot 56 – Odd Boat

So anyways that’s it. I like lists. I like writing them and I like reading them. Let me know what you think. Nearly time to start next year’s list with release due from The Mahones, Roughneck Riot and Neck to name but a few there are fun times ahead.

  • Elliott (Mersey Celt Punks)

10 of 2017



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