Whiskey Blues and Faded Tattoo’s is the fifth release from Pennsylvania 6 piece Kilmaine Saints. After forming in 2009 Kilmaine Saints have released album of a consistently high standard, Whiskey blues and faded tattoo’s is no exception to that.

Blending influence from traditional Irish and Scottish folk music, sea shanties and combining it with a health amount of classic rock and punk fans they fit perfectly between Dropkick Murphy’s and Flogging Molly on the musical spectrum at yet for some reason they remain under the radar by comparison. A perfect addition to anyone’s music collection.





This 17 track monster of an album features a few reworking of tradition classic such as The Foggy Dew and No awa tae bide awa which is a beautiful, stripped down, mandolin lead change of pace but don’t worry the time to get rowdy will return momentarily.

As you may have come to expect with Kilmaine Saints the bagpipes feature quite prominently throughout the album and can be used as a marker for my favourite tracks. Not enough bands have multiple people capable of playing bagpipes to such a high standard.  I guess if you form a band as a side project to being in a drums and pipe band it should be expected.

Instant favourites from the album would have to be “Long Shot Nag”; A high intensity ceilidh song about drinking too much, gambling and poor decisions (Guess it stood out for reasons I’d rather not talk about) and “Innocent Hand” because of its pirate punk feel due to incredible violin lead mixed with gang style backing vocals and the gravelliest singing on the album.

I always like an album that you can imagine in a live setting and has been arranged similar to a set list “Idiom” is a great start with a slow intro and then kicks in full force as a command to get up and sing and dance all night until “Last Call” when you throw your arms around you friends and strangers alike ready for one last song and one more drink before you head back to reality.

With Whiskey Blues and Faded Tattoo’s, Kilmaine Saints provide the perfect soundtrack to jig the night away whilst trying to drink more than you spill. Another musical triumph!

  • Elliott (Mersey Celt Punks)

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