Review: The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show “A Snake’s A Snake”

Id like to start with an apology to The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show because I have taken bloody ages to get around to doing this. Life rarely feels hectic, but these last few weeks have been non-stop.

Without further ado, the new 3 track e.p. from The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show’s follow up to last years album “Weeding out the Wicked” with “A Snake’s A Snake.”

IMG_0846 (1)


First up to avoid the confusion I have had there is more than 2 in the band, they are not all men and are quite different from the 20’s style medicine band that I was expecting from the name. In fact they seem to borrow from a whole host of genres from folk to punk to bluegrass to Americana to indie to just about anything. What I am trying to say is there is a lot of variety to enjoy even within the space of a short e.p.

We kick off with the title track of the e.p. “A Snake’s A Snake” which is a brilliant country-esk song with a bit of punk venom in the lyrics (bad pun, don’t care) saying basically a leopard can’t changes its spots. With a catchy chorus that will have you singing along by the time you get to the second one. Surely will become a fan favourite in very short amount of time. There is a great bit near the end of the track where the reverb on the vocals goes right up and for about 20 seconds turns into an Alabama 3 for a bit of that sweet country acid house music all night long.

“Flood” is an uplifting mix of brit-pop and folk rock imagine if you will Ocean Colour Scene mixed with a bit of Billy Bragg and you are heading in the right direction. A fairly chilled out song that is perfect for Sunday afternoon but still makes you want to get up and dance. I think it’s the arpeggiated chords going twice the speed of the rest of the band that is often used in house music make me think this could turn in to a country rave live with the right crowd.

“Sick and Tired” is the final track and another change of pace, change in vocalist and change in feel. This folk ballad is a great close to the e.p. which shows off the diversity of the band and ability to change the mood at the drop of a hat. Even with the sadness of the lyrics its sometimes good to hear that moving on in life can be a struggle for everyone. Just wonderful.


This multi talented folk / country / indie band have so much to offer and are surely on there way to become firm festival favourites up and down the country. With this release they are well on their may to becoming favourite in the UK folk community and beyond.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

  • Elliott (Mersey Celt Punks)


The Band



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