Review: Medusa’s Wake – Rascals and Rogues (2018)

Australia is absolutely dominating the folk punk world. No complaints other than it really could not be any further away from me.

Next to add to your list of awesome bands that manage to make great music despite being upside down all the time is Medusa’s Wake. Formed in 2015 and are now with the release of their debut album “Rascals and Rogues,” Medusa Wake have got us very excited.

mw- rar

11 tracks of incredible well blended folk punk straight out of Sydney via Tipperary slotting into your music library somewhere between The Tossers, The BibleCode Sundays and Sir Reg.

The album kicks off at full pelt with “Seldom Sober” and within seconds you will be invested in band via celtic punks newest drinking anthem. Showcasing the band perfectly to welcome the world to Medusa’s Wake.


“Hobart Sailor” and “Convicts Tale” are great tales of the sea from different points of view one for work the other from being put on the prison ship and being deported. Common place stories amongst the Aussie-Irish that makes for great music.

“Tilly Devine” and “Barney Dalton” slow the pace and adds a bit of a bit of goes in an indie rock / folk direction not too dissimilar to that of BibleCode Sundays. One of my favorite from the album.

“Banshees Wail” stands apart from the rest of the album as a 4 and a half minute epic with screaming guitar solos and marching style drums almost feels like its been taken straight from a Red Hot Chilli Peppers album.

Then the Celtic party starts up again with “Lawlor’s Lament” which features my favorite lyric on the album, “I’ve given my best, but I’ve wasted your time,” and “Irish Sky” which features some awesome mandolin and accordion and then bounces along with all the fun and sadness you would expect from Irish influences music.

Branxton is a full steam jig that in a live situation is going to get you moving, starting with your toes tapping and ending up with you dancing with the band.

“No Nay Never” is easily my favorite track on the album with incredible accordion, sing along choruses and constantly stomping drums that drop down in the verses but keep you aware of the pace that the chorus is going to throw at you.

Rascals and Rogues wraps up with “Gates of Hell” which drops the pace completely for a perfect end of the night / end of life / end of album sign off.

Medusa’s Wake are guaranteed to get every leg dancing, every hand clapping, hold on to your pints it going to take some serious will power not to end up covered in it. Rascals and Rogues is available now.

  • Elliott (Mersey Celt Punks)


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