Review: MacSlon’s Irish Pub Radio – Raise Your Pints Vol. 3 (2018)

When I think of compilation albums, it usually conjures up a vision of being subjected to the type of shite that is regularly pumped out by the likes of Now! That’s What I Call Music (ha ha), with it’s latest pop fluff assaulting the airwaves (and my ears). The only respite I found over the years was in samplers from punk labels, or the occasional “traditional pub songs” folk CD. Recently though, the good folk at MacSlon’s Irish Pub Radio have cracked the magic formula to produce compilations that will sit nicely with anyone of a celt-punk persuasion.



The online streaming station based in Germany should already be essential listening if you like your music whiskey-soaked and raucous, and “Raise Your Pints Vol. III” demonstrates the type of fare they offer up every day perfectly. 20 handpicked tracks of some of the best bands around at the moment, it’s one hell of a showcase of how far and wide the scene has gone.


Understandably, there’s a lot of bands from MacSlon’s neck of the woods featured, with Kings & Boozers, Hellraisers & Beerdrinkers, Muirsheen Durkin & Friends, Airs & Graces, Paddy’s Funeral and The Ceili Family demonstrating the Teutonic talent for Guinness fuelled sing-and-stomp-a-longs. Hailing from the U S of A, Orange County natives Brick Top Blaggers, Baltimore’s The Lucky Pistols, and The Kilmaine Saints from central Pennsylvania show that the States continue to produce top quality celtic punk from all over.


MacSlon’s has flung the net far and wide to find the best the rest of Europe has to offer, and doesn’t disappoint with Italy’s Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards, Serbian heavyweights Irish Stew of Sindidun and Orthodox Celts, ShamRocks from Ukraine, Swiss celt-punkers Tortilla Flat, Spain’s The Fatty Farmers, and France represented by Sons Of O’Flaherty and Sophy Ann Pudwell (whose version of “Galway Girl” far outdoes any certain red-headed pop warblers).


Getting closer to home, there’s the all-conquering Ferocious Dog and the brilliant Black Water County from the UK. Finally, there’s Ireland’s own The Logues, with one of the highlights of the entire runtime with “Yvonne John”. Overall, it’s a cracking collection and shows that MacSlon’s Irish Pub Radio is one of the best purveyors of celtic punk around.


Grab a beer, stick this on and have yourself a party without risk of some autotuned nonsense unexpectedly polluting the speakers.




  • Mike (Mersey Celt Punks)


MacSlon’s Irish Pub Radio


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