MCP0003 Templars of Doom – Bring me the head of John the Baptist

Bring me the head of John the Baptist is the first release from New York based band The Templars of Doom (formally Alternative Ulster).tod

This 5 piece celtic rock band combine old school in your face punk rock with very prominent lead bagpipes to give a really powerful raw sound. Think back to the first time you heard bagpipes in a punk band for me it was “For Boston” by the Dropkick Murphy’s. The bagpipes cuts through the sound and becomes almost hypnotizing. The Templars of Doom have the same hypnotizing qualities with heavy pounding drums gives an almost battle cry feeling to music in a full on audio assault. Imagine if you will Stiff Little Fingers with bagpipes, pretty good, right?

The title track of the album is probably my favourite track on the album as it sounds like a call to arms and will have you singing along from the first listen. (Link to a live version of it below)

Also the track “Eyes” is a particular stand out track as more of a ballad it is a break from raw punk sound but showcases the range that the band can produce and the can relax you just before kicking you in the face again.

The album as a whole is great. The more that you listen to it the more it grows on you and you start to think, New York is only a 10 hour flight away maybe I should just go see them live, I have never been there and if they have no plans to come to me then I am going to have to go to them. Check bank then hope they come to England instead.


Bring me the Head of John the Baptist I am sure is the start of great things for The Templars of Doom as they hone their sound. This abrasive celtic punk rock band need to be heard and enjoyed but based on the videos online the live show is where they really become a powerhouse that could hold their own with some of the giants of the genre.

  • Elliott Mersey Celt Punks

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Bring me the head of John the Baptist video:

For fans of: Real McKenzies, Flatfoot 56, Stiff Little Fingers          

MCP0002 Matilda’s Scoundrels – As the tides turn

As the tide turns is the long awaited debut album from Matilda’s Scoundrels on TNS Records. The Hastings based folk punk 6 piece formedms - attt in 2014 and have released some brilliant ep’s over the last few years full of sing along instant classics with a sea shanty punk rock feel to them and the album shows that they are perfecting a rather unique sound.

Combining a classic punk backline with acoustic guitar, accordion, mandolin, banjo, tin whistle allows a switch from Dubliners to Descendants and back again in the same song.  Add in the dual (very different) vocals growling from either side allows Matilda’s Scoundrels to span a magnitude of genres from folk to punk to ska to hardcore. If you imagine watching a music video while listening to a completely different song and for one moment it syncs up perfectly. That confusing but wonderful moment when you can’t decide which bit is you enjoy more is the feeling I get when listening to Matilda’s Scoundrels.

After a busy summer playing festivals all over the country including Rebellion; Boomtown Fair; Outcider and Beautiful Days as well as shows in Europe and gigs with The Levellers, Street Dogs and The Dead Maggie’s. It’s safe to say that Matilda’s Scoundrels have been keeping themselves busy in preparation for this release.

As the tide turns may well be one of the best folk punk album of 2017 which is no small fete considering that most of the biggest bands in the genre have released album this year including Dropkick Murphy’s, Flogging Molly and The Tossers amongst many others.

From start to finish there is not a bad track on the album which is making it difficult to pick favourites. Bow to the powers is the first song released by the band before the album release and is a great introduction to the band. It possibly sounds more like Matilda’s Scoundrels than any other song has before. If that doesn’t make sense there is a link to the video at the bottom you will understand after watching.

From the last time I got to see Matilda’s Scoundrels Bottles of Rum was the stand out track for me from the new songs that they played and today at least is my favourite song on the album at least from this play back, only time will tell.

The entire record is an incredible bringing together of new and old music styles in the most perfect of mash ups to create sea shanty punk rock that will have you shouting every word in no time at all. Matilda’s Scoundrels basically sound like all of your favourite bands playing at the same time without actually sounding like any of them. They have a very unique sound and I hope they are heading for big things.

The band described the making of this album as “a labour of love” and it shows, it flows perfectly between tracks and even with changes in tempo and style nothing seems out of place. I can’t recommend “As the tide turns” enough if you like your music to make you dance, sing whilst at the same time rage about the state of the world I think you are going to like this one. Just buy it already!!!

  • Elliott, Mersey Celt Punks


The first single video from the album “Bow to the powers”.

As the tide turns is released on 7th September on CD, vinyl and mp3 from the link below.

For fans of Ghost Mice, Days ‘n’ Daze, Mischief Brew.              

MCP0001 In for a Penny – One more last Hurrah!


One more last hurrah! Where do I start? Prepare to be excited as you are about to have a new favourite band in the form of In For A Penny!

Hailing for Georgia, USA, these guys have got celtic punk rock down to an art from the first to the last note. In For A Penny are not your regular folk punk band that have nearly the same amount of band members as an orchestra but keep a strong folk sound with some exceptional mandolin led punk rock.

Mixing brutally honest lyrics original songs with Irish standards my favorite of which being the cover of “Back home in Derry” as it reminds me of an old guy that propped up a bar I used to work in he always went on about how much he thought I would love Christie Moore and after hearing this for the 100th time I finally found out he wasn’t wrong. Would have loved to play this version to him.

In For A Penny’s vocals have a rough and ready yet welcoming sound full of passion and ready to command an army of fans to sing every word. With an almost Oi! Punk style backing vocals that will getting you throwing you fist in the air every time you listen to One More Last Hurrah!

Given time (probably not much) I think In For A Penny will be spoke of in the same high regard as the likes of The Mahones, Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s. It’s a great start and I’m excited to see where it will lead. For now lets just enjoy another great band added securely to the celtic punk roster that is absolutely thriving in 2017.

  • Elliott Mersey Celt Punks


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