Review: Paddy and the Rats – Riot City Outlaws (2018)

In 2017 Paddy and the Rats released their fifth album “Riot City Outlaws” to the good people of Hungry and the in April 2018 they released it to the rest of the world via Napalm Records the gap between felt like significantly longer to I am sure a lot of you.


I first heard Paddy and the Rats around 2013 when they where promoting their third album “Tales from the Docks” (2012) and was instantly invested in the idea of pirate punk and became fairly obsessed with the track “Ghost from the Barrow”.

Between then and now came the release of “Lonely Hearts’ Boulevard” (2015) which was a strong change indirection with a huge pop punk injection giving the album a kind of Green Day meets Flogging Molly feel.

Now “Riot City Outlaws” (2018) in away picks up where “Lonely Hearts Boulevard” left off as there still seem to be a lot of pop punk influence but the pirate punk has come back stronger than ever and as much as I loved the last album I for one could not be happier because not many can do it better.

With awesome pop punk riff led tracks with strong harmonies like “The way we wanna go” “Blow” and the insanely catchy “Summer Girls” will keep the newer fans happy as they are closer to the sound of Lonely Heart Boulevard.

But, if you are looking for anthems to a soundtrack to drink on the seven seas then look no further with tracks like “Sail Away”, “Where Red Paints the Ocean” and “Castaway” you can’t go wrong. These songs feel much closer to what I am sure a lot of you expect from Paddy and the Rats. Within seconds you will be raising a skull and cross bones and raiding the cupboards for all the rum you can find.

The next day when you are looking for sympathy because the life of a pirate is riddled with hangovers stick “I Wont Drink Again” on and know that you are not alone in this feeling. Followed that with “Another Life” a slower paced almost ballad that shows off more the variety of sound Paddy and the Rats have mastered. After that if you still struggling try the hair of the dog press play and start the process all over again.

Paddy and the Rats have produced a well-rounded album that blends folk influences with pop punk influences which is a great change to the harder street punk influences which are more common within the genre. Add in a pinch of piracy and get ready to enjoy.

Riot City Outlaws is out now worldwide.


Paddy and the Rats:


Join the Riot Video:

Castaway Video:

Where the red paints the Ocean Video:


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