Review: Krakin’ Kellys – Promised Land (2018)

So Belgium, not the first place I think of when it comes to celtic punk but now that I have heard “Promise Land” the debut album from Krakin’ Kelly I will be looking that way a lot more often.


This 6-piece describe blend skate punk seamlessly with traditional Irish inspired melodies to create a celtic punk masterpiece that sounds as tight as any of the more established bands within the genre who have worked for years / decades on honing their sound. If they are this good on their first album the second cannot come quick enough.

“Promised Land” will fit perfectly into the music collection between Dropkick Murphy’s and Paddy and the Rats. With great punk riffs, bagpipes, accordion and awesome vocals with instant sing along lyrics Krakin’ Kellys have created everything I want from a band and more.

I listened to the album knowing nothing about the Krakin’ Kellys so for the first 17 seconds of “Anarchy in the Double K” I thought I had a new trad. Celtic album on then it kicked in and went full speed ahead for the next 45 ish minutes.

Its so hard to pick favourite songs in an album this consistently good but the title track “Promised Land” must be right up there. Dropping down to just drums, bass and vocals for the verses then sounding absolutely massive when it goes back to the full band for the choruses. It maybe that the prominent accordion makes it sound a bit like “Time to Go” by Dropkick Murphy’s that it first stood out to me but, it’s the fact that it’s a great song that makes you want to dance is why it will stick.

Tracks like “United” “When I Die” and “One Way” have a strong street punk almost Oi! feel to them while still maintain a strong celtic influence creating songs that would fit in nicely into any Flatfoot 56 album.

I mentioned a similarity to Paddy and the Rats earlier based upon the pirate / sea shanty punk feel on songs like “Our Pride”, “The Journey” and “Hey Bro” just with a slightly more aggressive approach.  To quote their website The Krakin Kellys have “angry microphones and greasy bass lines meet bagpipes, flutes and accordion for a drunken party which will leave everyone pumped up!” and I couldn’t agree more. Anyone fancy a trip to Belgium? I want to join this party!

Overloaded with passion creating instant classics that make you want to sing and dance the night away. “Promised Land” should push Krakin’ Kellys to stand tall amongst some of the celtic punk legends for hopefully a long time to come.  No disappointment guarantee on this one!

The bar for best albums in 2018 has been set very high with this going to take a lot to beat it.

Elliott, Mersey Celt Punks

FFO: Dropkick Murphys, Flatfoot 56, Paddy and the Rats


Anarchy in the Double K Video:


Promised Lands Video:


One way video:



Krakin Kellys:







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